Sunday, October 30, 2011

Electric Heaters - Dragon Heaters

Our 15KW Dragon Heaters will warm any area. Rent these to heat tents, offices, air plane hanger. Outdoor areas can also be warmed easly with these electric heaters. The Dragon heater is industrial grade and can be left unattended without the threat of combustion as with normal fuel heaters. These heaters offer simple controls and lettings for maximum temperature control and the bright red cylinder can be rotated to direct heat in any direction. Call Sidram Power for more information on the Dragon Heater and if it would work for your next event!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vertical Heaters

 Our vertical air handlers are equipped with 36KW heat capacity. These units are great for tent and building heating applications. When the weather changes and your need for heat changes to cooling these units are combined with 20 tons of air conditioning. No matter what mother nature has in store; you can keep your guests or customers comfortable with one solution. Call Sidram Power for your next event and we'll do whatever it takes to create the perfect environment for you and your guests!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Propane Heaters

Propane heaters are very versatile regarding the environments where they can be used. They are perfect for warming tents, indoor areas, outdoor locations, even water! Propane heaters are fueled with propane and easily plug into any standard outlet.

One of the propane heaters Sidram Power frequently rents out is the L.B. White Ductable Dual Fuel Construction Heater - Premier 170DF, as seen above. This model is light weight, easy to transport, weather resistant and offers multiple features for ease of use in any environment. Because this heater is not very large, it is not invasive on the event at hand.

When you need heating for your next party or event, give Sidram a call. We'll have you set up in no time!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Concerts? We Can Help With That!

When you are having a concert Sidram Power can support all of your needs.

Concerts are one of the most demanding areas we service. There is no room or time for error and the power needs to work. From 1,000 to 120,000 attendee shows, Sidram has been there and knows what it takes. Touring and one off concerts all have different needs that we have solutions for.

Sidram Power offers many products and services for concerts such as:
  • Generator rentals
  • Twin Pack rentals
  • Stage air conditioning and heat rentals
  • Cable rentals
  • ISO Transformer rentals
  • Area Lighting
  • Cable Ramp Rental
  • Euro Transformers for Touring
  • UPS rentals

    When it is concert time call Sidram Power for all your show power and generator rental needs.
  • Sunday, October 2, 2011

    Learn About Cable Ratings!


    LBS./M FT.
    8 164 x 30 .335 80 150
    6 269 x 30 .390 105 210
    4 413 x 30 .450 140 290
    2 651 x 30 .515 190 393
    1/0 1050 x 30 .650 260 595
    2/0 1308 x 30 .655 300 696
    4/0 2090 x 30 .795 405 1032
    90o Rated Green CPE lnsuIatIion (UL only)
    6 266 x 30 .365 105 163

    • AWG Size - American Wire Gauge
    • Stranding - Smaller individual wires are twisted or braided together to produce larger wires that are more flexible than solid wires of similar size. Bunching small wires before concentric stranding adds the most flexibility
    • Nominal O.D. - The overall diameter of the part.
    • Amp
    • Ship Weight in Lbs.
    For more information, contact us at Sidram Power!

    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    CAD for Electrical and Site Permitting

    Our state of the art design capabilities are used by clients for electrical and other permitting needs. Our Sidram Power staff has years of experience working on projects and can help translate your ideas into Computer Aided Design files. Computer-aided design files allow you to put your ideas to the test and see what the project will look like when it is built!

    When you need help with your electrical, tent or site drawings Sidram Power can help. Many cities are looking for certain items on drawings, and our experience with most in South Florida jurisdictions we can help you get through the process.

    Sunday, September 18, 2011

    Site Logistics

    Sidram Power has extensive experience working on location. With years of servicing customers in unique locations, we can help you with transport, machinery and permitting for any size event.
    Sidram Power has provided services for customers in locations from Alaska, the Caribbean to Singapore. We have worked in many far away places which has given us the network to help our customers with all site, shipping and installation needs anywhere in the world.

    Services we offer other than generator rentals are:

  • Transport
  • Heavy Material Handling
  • Communications
  • CAD and Site Planning

    Sidram Power can help you in many aspects of your event. We prefer to be hands on and help find solutions for our customers.
  • Sunday, September 11, 2011

    Electrical Distribution Systems

    Sidram Power stocks an extensive inventory of electrical distribution systems and components. We can custom tailor a temporary distribution system for your application. Sidram Power provides sales and rental of electrical distribution systems to markets in the South Florida area, throughout the US, South America, the Caribbean and worldwide. Sidram Power has extensive experience in providing power distribution systems for special events, film, broadcast events and many other applications.
    Our distribution box products include:
    • L21-20, L21-30, L6-20, distro
    • Stringers and Quads
    • GFCI Class A Lunch Boxes
    • 60 and 100 amp pin and sleeve
    • Spider boxes
    • Portable transfer switches
    • 160 - 400 amp main disconnects
    • 2 x 225 disconnects
    Sidram Power can provide electrical distribution systems for a wide variety of applications.  These applications include:
    • Special events
    • Concerts
    • Film
    • Festivals
    • Television Broadcast
    • Sporting events
    The experienced staff at Sidram Power can help you to specify a single component or a complete electrical distribution system.  Whether your needs are for a small event or major production, We can help you to make certain that your next event will be a flawless one. Call Sidram Power for your rental and purchase needs for temporary distro boxes.

    Sunday, September 4, 2011

    How to Measure Your Home Energy Usage

    If you're looking to conserve energy in your home, your first step is to calculate how much energy you are consuming.

    The following formula will give you a good starting point:

    (Wattage x Hours Used Per Day) / 1000 = Daily Kilowatt-hour (KWh) Consumption

    1 kilowatt (kW) = 1,000 Watts

    This will give you your daily usage. Multiply that number by the number of days the appliance is used per year to give you an annual consumption. Once you have that number, you can calculate how much it costs you to run any given appliance each year!

    Take your personal computer and monitor for example. Assume it runs for four hours each day and is used 365 days/year:

    (150 Watts x 4 hours/day x 365 days/year) / 1000
    =394 kWh x 8.5 cents/kWh

    While that may not seem like a lot, consider ALL of the appliances you use on a daily basis such as your refrigerator, your television, and the lights in your home.

    The wattage of your appliances can typically be found stamped on the bottom or the back of the product. What you'll find is the maximum power drawn by the appliance. Many appliances have a range, such as refrigerators and radios, so the actual amount of power used depends on exactly how you use it.

    Sidram Power thanks you for visiting our blog. Come back again soon!

    Sunday, August 28, 2011

    How Does a Portable Air Conditioner Work?

    A portable air conditioner can be easily placed on a floor and moved about for use wherever necessary. They are perfect for events in large tents or events where an A/C is not otherwise

    Normal air conditioner units are designed to take in cool air and expel hot air outdoors, so keep it cool inside. Portable air conditioners work a little differently. By using a tube, with one connecting to the unit and one placed through a small opening like a window or a mail slot, the air is carried in and dispersed around the room.

    Once your portable A/C is plugged in, the tube is connected and placed accordingly to lead outdoors an the unit is turned on. Simple enough! The only special care required is emptying the reservoir, as condensation builds up within the unit. This must be done on a regular basis to ensure that the unit continues to work properly.

    One of the best features of portable air conditioner units is the energy you save. Some portable units are small enough to cool a room or large enough to cool an entire building, but compared to a central unit, the energy you save will be visible on your next energy bill!

    For more information, visit our website!


    Sunday, August 21, 2011

    How Does a Generator Work?

    Most of us are familiar with electric generators in one capacity or another. But do we really know how they work? Here is a breakdown of how these magnificent machines do what they do!

    Based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, when an electric conductor moves through a magnetic field, the electric current will flow through the conductor. That current is converted into electrical energy.

    Generators do just that, using copper wires to move through the magnetic field. The magnets within the generators apply pressure to the electrons in the field to create the current of electricity. The number of electrons is called the amperage, which means the current is measured in amps. The pressure that pushes the electrons is called voltage, hence the measurements of amps and volts.

    The electricity created from this process flows into an electric motor to make it move. Depending on the type of generator, the conductor will either move through the magnetic field, or the magnet will move through the conductor, both achieving the same result. The electricity produced by the generator can be used to power boats, home, buildings and more, depending on the size of the generator.

    There you have it! That is how generators produce the electricity that we use daily! For more information, contact us at Sidram Power!

    Friday, August 19, 2011

    Festival Services

    Festivals combine many different customer needs as there might be a music stage, vendors and sponsor areas that all have different needs in a wide spread area. Sidram power is no stranger to music, food and art festivals and understands your needs for an event like this.

    Sidram Power offers many solutions for Festivals:

  • Event stage power rentals

  • Vendor power

  • Cable and distro rentals

  • Trailer and dressing room power

  • Area lighting

  • Cable ramp rentals

  • Portable air conditioning and heat rentals

  • Generator rentals

    When planning your festival contact Sidram Power for your event needs. We work in the festival and concert market and understand the requirements. Your event is most likely not a 9am to 5pm event and neither are we. When you need it now, we have it and understand that delivery tomorrow is not an option.

  • Sunday, August 7, 2011

    Finding the Right Generator For You

    When considering the purchase of a generator for your home, it is important to consider the amount of power you need for the house. Homeowners should conduct an assessment of the appliances they will need in the event of an outage in order to determine how much power is required for the bare essentials - refrigerators to keep food cold, computers for those who work from home, etc.

    One crucial item to ensure you have power for is your central A/C. If power is lost during the summer months, not having enough back up power for A/C could make your time without power that much more uncomfortable. Keep in mind that the running current of A/C is lower than the starting current which means that a small generator may be able to power the A/C but may not be strong enough to actually start it.

    Remember, a generator is an investment. Having it there when you really need it will make all of the difference. Make this decision carefully and consult professionals for the best advice.

    To calculate the generator size you need, click here.

    You can also feel free to rent any of Sidram Power's generators to test the waters. Call us for more information!

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    Portable Heaters!

    Sidram Power offers a wide variety of portable heater rentals for any application.If you need portable heating in a small office space to a 134,000 square foot tent or hanger we have a solution for you. When you arer in need of heat Sidram Power offers many Portable Air Conditioning products with built in heaters along with individual heaters for many applications.

    Our heating products include:

  • 15 KW portable heater rentals

  • Mushroom Heater (propane) rentals

  • Indirect fire portable heater rentals

  • Patio heater rentals

  • If you need to heat anything from a small office, to a 300,000 retail store Sidram Power has the heaters in rental inventory. Our staff has many years of experience installing and managing portable heating projects.

    Sidram Power has the equipment and staff to ensure your temporary heat project is a success. As with our generator rentals we are available around the clock for emergency needs. Call Sidram Power for you Temporary Heating needs.

    Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Need a Transformer?

    Sidram Power offers transformers for all of your event needs. Here are just a few!
    75 KVA Transformer. This unit has a PRI range of 480, 240 and 208 with load side being 208 3 phase. This one units will preform the task of 4 transformers.
    75 KVA Transformer. This unit has a PRI range of 480, 240 and 208 with load side being 208 3 phase. This one units will preform the task of 4 transformers.
    45 KVA ISO transformer  

    45 KVA ISO and step down transformer
    75KVA 480v Pri - 208 Sec

    2KVA transformer. 220v to 110v or 110v to 220v Use this for 110v on cruise ships or 220v when bands come from Europe.  

    For more information on any of our transformers, visit our website!

    Sunday, July 17, 2011

    Light Towers and General Area Lighting

    Sidram Power specializes in supplying temporary lighting solutions. Whether your needs are for a single light tower or lighting for a large outdoor event, we have the experience, personnel and inventory to meet all of your lighting needs. Sidram power also specializes in portable generators, temporary power distribution and climate control, which allows us to furnish a complete, turnkey package for your particular application. Our lighting offerings include:
    • Festival lighting
    • Lighting for broadcast events
    • Area lighting for events
    • Light towers
    • Lot lighting
    • Merchant lighting
    • Large area lighting
    • Glow bugs
    • Basic stage work light
    • Nightime construction lighting
    Our experienced staff is available to help you in choosing the proper equipment for your lighting application. We can help you specify size and type of lighting and the amount of total power required for your equipment. 

    In addition, we can assist you in planning a temporary power distribution system. We can supply our services locally in the South Florida area as well as throughout the rest of the United States. So call Sidram Power today to discuss all of your temporary lighting needs.

    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Custom Manufactured Equipment

    Sidram Power specializes in the design and manufacture of custom equipment for shows, events, festivals, film and broadcast events. Sidram Power has had experience with manufacturing custom equipment for many different applications. Sidram Power can supply custom manufactured equipment for customers located in the South Florida area, the rest of the US, South America, the Caribbean or throughout the rest of the world.
    • Power distribution
    • Load centers
    • Metal cable ramps
    • Custom shipping carts
    • Tent walls for HVAC
    We can apply our extensive experience in rental and sales of temporary generators, temporary lighting, temporary climate control and temporary power distribution equipment to the specification, design and manufacture of your custom equipment. Sidram Power has supplied custom manufactured equipment to some of the most prominent names in the entertainment industry, including:
    • Disney
    • MTV
    • Royal Caribbean
    • Miami Heat 
    For more information on custom manufactured equipment, visit our website

    Thursday, July 7, 2011

    Fun Facts about Power and Energy

    Power and energy are integral parts of our daily lives. Yet sometimes we overlook just how much energy we use each day. Here are some fun facts about power consumption in the US!

    • The amount of energy Americans use doubles about every 20 years. Electricity consumption is expected to increase 45 percent by 2030, according to the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration (EIA).
    • Temperature controlling homes (heating and cooling rooms) consumes the most energy in American homes each year. 
    • If 10,000 schools turned off their lights for one minute it could save $81,885.
    • 20% of the electricity in the USA is produced at nuclear power plants. 

    Here is a chart of average consumption figures for small household appliances.

    ApplianceTime in usekilowatt/hours
    used per year
    Aquarium24 hours/day700
    Central air conditioning12 hours day,120 days/year2700-3780
    Clock24 hours/day36
    Clock radio24 hours/day44
    Clothes washer
    (does not include hot water)
    2 hours/Week31
    Coffee maker30 minute/day128
    Computer4 hours/day520
    Dehumidifier12 hours/day700
    (does not include hot water)
    1 hour/day432
    Electric blanket8 hours/day,120 days/year175
    Fan (furnace)12 hours/day,120 days/year432
    Fan (whole house)4 hours/day,120 days/year270
    Fan (window)4 hours/day,180 days/year144
    Hair dryer15 minutes/day100
    Heater (portable)3 hours/day,120 days/year540
    Iron1 hour/week52
    Microwave oven2 hours/week89
    Radio (stereo)2 hours/day73
    (frostfree 16 cubic feet)
    24 hours/day642
    (frostfree 18 cubic feet)
    24 hours/day683
    Television (color)3 hours/day264
    Toaster oven1 hour/day73
    Vacuum cleaner1 hour/week38
    VCR4 hours/day30
    Water bed (no cover)12 hours/day,180 days/year620
    Water heater
    (40 gallon electric)
    2 hours/day2190
    Water pump (deep well)2 hours/day730 

    While power and energy are imperative in our daily lives, Sidram Power reminds you to use it wisely and conserve energy whenever you can!

    Source: Energy Aware

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    Film and Television Experience!

    With over 30 years experience in film and television Sidram Power can provide your production with the correct equipment. Our production services cover distro and cable to twin packs with paralleling generators for broadcast compounds.

    Sidram power and our staff have many screen credits such as:

    And much, much more!
    When your production is in need of generator and distro, Sidram Power is the source. From generator rentals for broadcast compounds to air conditioning a studio or location our staff can get you what you need, when you need it.

    Call Sidram Power for your production power and air conditioning needs.
    Toll Free 888 574 3726 - Local 954 989 8898 - Fax 954 989 8897

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Electrical Permits!

    Many city and municipalities require an electrical permit for temporary generators.

    While Sidram Power is a rental company and not an electrical contractor, we do have many licensed electricians we work with on a regular basis that we can use to arrange an electrical permit for you.

    Hiring our contractors is a service we offer to customers for convenience. If you are in need of a generator rental and electrical permit Sidram Power can help.

    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    Biodiesel Fuel Options

    Sidram Power has the ablity to provide our customers with many Biodiesel Fuel options. Our generator fleet will operate on B1 - B20 grade Biodiesel. As well Sidram Power has generators modified for B100. When you have the need to be green, Sidram Power can provide green.

    There are other ways we help our customers with achiving green. Sidram Power generators are all tier 2 engines and higher. This means that that our generator rental fleet emissions are much lower than the industry Standard. Along with lower emissions we stock products that burn less fuel and are fuel efficient. Lower emissions and fuel efficiency at Sidram Power everyday is our goal. When you need biodiesel generator rentals contact Sidram Power.

    Sunday, June 5, 2011

    Powering An Entire Stage!

    Sidram Power provided power and air for a recent concert event!

     Getting set up!

     The stage looks great!

    Sidram generators in action!

    For help with your next event, big or small, contact Sidram Power!

    Sunday, May 29, 2011

    Custom Air Conditioner Setup

    Sidram Power can create an air conditioner hookup for any event, under almost any condition. Check out these custom hookups!

    This is a 2 ton DX portable air conditioning unit hooked up to a Sidram custom tent wall!

    This Sidram custom air duct fits seamlessly into the decor for this special event. 

    An inside look of a Sidram custom tent wall with four air duct hookups.

    Sidram can create a custom set up to fit any event needs. Call Sidram Power today for all of your air conditioning needs! 

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    Cable Ramps

    Messy cables are quite the trouble maker! Not only do they look unprofessional, but they can be an nuisance to anyone who has to step (or trip) over them. 

    The solution to the problem? Cable ramps! Sidram Power offers a wide variety of cable ramps and protectors for any occasion. These durable ramps are designed for portability and can be connected to run long distances.

    Cable ramps can help to eliminate hazards and most are designed for optimum traction, so even if event-goers walk all over them, slipping is not a concern!

    Not only can cable ramps protect those attending your events, they protect your cables too! Unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment is easily prevented, saving you a great deal of money!

    Don't skimp on the safety of your event attendees and the life of your expensive cables. Call Sidram for your next event!

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Glo Bugs - Lighting for All Occasions!

    Glo Bugs are a great way to spice up any event. The unique balloon shape provides ample lighting without the glare of normal lights.

    Glo Bugs conveniently fold up for easy storage and are easy to transport.

    While they can be made in any color to match your occasion, Glo Bugs can be used for more than just fun! From parking lot lighting to disaster relief assistance, these light are chameleons that can adapt to any situation.

    Glo Bugs can even be used on the beach! The thin stand allows for setup in small spaces and the height can be adjusted to fit your needs.

    For more information on Glo Bugs or any event lighting YOU need, visit our website!

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    Sidram Power offers a wide variety of cable and cable ramp rentals for many applications. From powering a coffee pot for a special event to a half time show in the middle of a stadium we have what you need. Sidram Power stocks the widest selection of cable with many connector types available in any length.

    Our cable rental products include:

  • 4/O Typw W

  • Banded #4/5 wire

  • Banded #2/5 wire

  • 10/5 SO cable

  • Our connector products include:

  • Cam Lok

  • L21-30

  • 60 and 100 amp pin and sleeve

  • Bates, SPG, PBG and more

  • When you need to protect cables from event patrons or vehicles cable ramps are a must. Sidram Power has many types of cable ramps for rent. Protecting lighting or audio snakes, and power feeder cable are only a few uses for cable ramps.

    Our cable ramp products include:

  • Yellow Jackets

  • ADA Cable Ramps

  • Metal Cable Ramps

  • Contact Sidram Power for your cable and ramp rental needs!

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    Don't Let The Summer Heat Defeat Your Event!

    Portable Air Conditioners
    Sidram Power offers a wide variety of portable air conditioner rentals for many applications. If you need portable air conditioning in a small office space or a 134,000 square foot tent or hanger we have a solution for you.
    • Spot coolers
    • Portable 5 Ton AC carts
    • 25 ton Portable DX air conditioners
    • 20 ton trailer mounted air conditioning
    • 25 ton vertical portable air conditioners for tents
    • 100 ton chiller with 20 ton air handlers
    Sidram Power is an indusrtry leader in portable air conditioing. We done many types of cooling projects including:
    • Tents for Sporting Events
    • Theme Parks
    • Large Tents for Corporate Events
    • Retail Stores
    Sidram Power has the equipment and staff to ensure your temporary climate control project is a success. As with our generator rentals we are available around the clock for emergency needs. For your next event call Sidram Power for you temporary cooling and heat rental needs. Call us toll free at 888-574-3726 or visit our website for more information!

    Monday, April 25, 2011

    Hurricane Assurance Programs

    Sidram Power generator assurance programs can ensure the safety and comfort of your business or organization in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency. We can provide peace of mind by ensuring that your temporary power needs will be met during a natural disaster or other emergency.

    Sidram Power specializes in providing temporary power equipment for natural disasters and other emergency situations. Because of our strategic location in the South Florida area, we have extensive experience in this area. We can provide complete, turnkey solutions for your emergency backup needs. Our generator assurance programs can provide peace of mind for businesses and distaster-relief agencies in the event of an emergency. Our generator assurance plans guarantee that the necessary number and type of generators required during your emergency situation will be available.

    At Sidram Power, we have extensive experience in the areas of temporary generators, temporary power distribution systems, temporary lighting and temporary climate control equipment. This experience gives us a unique ability to meet your temporary power needs in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.

    Our generator assurance programs provide a generator guarantee in case of natural disaster. In exchange for a small monthly retainer fee, Sidram Power will guarantee that your generator needs will be met during a natural disaster or other emergency situation. A generator assurance plan reserves the number and type of generators you require, and ensures that they will be delivered to your site immediately in the event of an emergency. Once delivered, you pay only the normal rental fees for the equipment.

    The time to arrange a generator assurance plan is now. Generator equipment quickly becomes scarce or non-existent during a large-scale natural disaster or other emergency . A generator assurance plan from Sidram Power can ensure the availability of generator power, as well as protect you from price-gouging that sometimes take place during emergency situations. Sidram Power has provided generator assurance to some of the most-recognized agencies in the area of natural disaster relief.

    In the event of an emergency, Sidram Power can move your equipment to your site immediately, and provide licensed, experienced technicians onsite for installation, maintenance, refueling and monitoring. Our technicians are available to remain onsite to ensure proper operation of your equipment throughout the emergency.

    Our equipment is subjected to regular maintenance, preventive maintenance and quality control checks. This helps to further ensure that your emergency equipment will operate safely and efficiently during your emergency situation. We take this area of our business very seriously, and have made a major commitment to providing safe and well-maintained generators and power distribution systems for natural disasters or other emergencies.

    So whether your needs are for a single generator or a network of generators with a complete temporary power distribution system, call Sidram Power for a quote today. Our expert staff can help you to develop a generator assurance plan for natural disasters or other emergencies, and provide an immediate price quote for your plan. If you prefer, simply fill out our convenient online quote form for a prompt, cost-competitive quote.

    Toll Free 888 574 3726 - Local 954 989 8898 - Fax 954 989 8897

    Wednesday, April 13, 2011

    New Data Center

    Sidram Power has a new, upgraded data center!  As providers of power generators and portable AC we need to have our inventory data available no matter the conditions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Now your Sidram Power Sales Representative can place your order on site with an iPad! 

    Thursday, March 31, 2011

    We specialize in Generator Rentals!

    Sidram Power can deliver generators to your site quickly and provide professional installation by qualified technicians to ensure that your project progresses smoothly. 

    We offer many types or generator rentals for different applications including events, broadcast, concerts and back up power. We offer generator units in many sizes from 2.5Kw to 2Mw, in portable, mobile and container configurations.

    Need a generator on your boat?  We have it covered!  Need a very specific size generator?  No problem!  WHATEVER your generator needs are you can call Sidram Power!


    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    Sidram Power Offers CAD for Electrical and Site Permitting

    When working on plans for permits, many cities are looking for certain items on drawings, and Sidram Power's experience working in most South Florida jurisdictions can help you get through the process.  

    Our state of the art design capabilities are used by clients for electrical and other permitting needs. Our Sidram Power staff has years of experience working on projects and can help translate your ideas into Computer Aided Design files. 

    When you need help with your electrical, tent or site drawings Sidram Power can help. 

    Call us Toll Free at 888 574 3726 or visit our CAD drawings page on our website.