Sunday, August 28, 2011

How Does a Portable Air Conditioner Work?

A portable air conditioner can be easily placed on a floor and moved about for use wherever necessary. They are perfect for events in large tents or events where an A/C is not otherwise

Normal air conditioner units are designed to take in cool air and expel hot air outdoors, so keep it cool inside. Portable air conditioners work a little differently. By using a tube, with one connecting to the unit and one placed through a small opening like a window or a mail slot, the air is carried in and dispersed around the room.

Once your portable A/C is plugged in, the tube is connected and placed accordingly to lead outdoors an the unit is turned on. Simple enough! The only special care required is emptying the reservoir, as condensation builds up within the unit. This must be done on a regular basis to ensure that the unit continues to work properly.

One of the best features of portable air conditioner units is the energy you save. Some portable units are small enough to cool a room or large enough to cool an entire building, but compared to a central unit, the energy you save will be visible on your next energy bill!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

How Does a Generator Work?

Most of us are familiar with electric generators in one capacity or another. But do we really know how they work? Here is a breakdown of how these magnificent machines do what they do!

Based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, when an electric conductor moves through a magnetic field, the electric current will flow through the conductor. That current is converted into electrical energy.

Generators do just that, using copper wires to move through the magnetic field. The magnets within the generators apply pressure to the electrons in the field to create the current of electricity. The number of electrons is called the amperage, which means the current is measured in amps. The pressure that pushes the electrons is called voltage, hence the measurements of amps and volts.

The electricity created from this process flows into an electric motor to make it move. Depending on the type of generator, the conductor will either move through the magnetic field, or the magnet will move through the conductor, both achieving the same result. The electricity produced by the generator can be used to power boats, home, buildings and more, depending on the size of the generator.

There you have it! That is how generators produce the electricity that we use daily! For more information, contact us at Sidram Power!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Festival Services

Festivals combine many different customer needs as there might be a music stage, vendors and sponsor areas that all have different needs in a wide spread area. Sidram power is no stranger to music, food and art festivals and understands your needs for an event like this.

Sidram Power offers many solutions for Festivals:

  • Event stage power rentals

  • Vendor power

  • Cable and distro rentals

  • Trailer and dressing room power

  • Area lighting

  • Cable ramp rentals

  • Portable air conditioning and heat rentals

  • Generator rentals

    When planning your festival contact Sidram Power for your event needs. We work in the festival and concert market and understand the requirements. Your event is most likely not a 9am to 5pm event and neither are we. When you need it now, we have it and understand that delivery tomorrow is not an option.

  • Sunday, August 7, 2011

    Finding the Right Generator For You

    When considering the purchase of a generator for your home, it is important to consider the amount of power you need for the house. Homeowners should conduct an assessment of the appliances they will need in the event of an outage in order to determine how much power is required for the bare essentials - refrigerators to keep food cold, computers for those who work from home, etc.

    One crucial item to ensure you have power for is your central A/C. If power is lost during the summer months, not having enough back up power for A/C could make your time without power that much more uncomfortable. Keep in mind that the running current of A/C is lower than the starting current which means that a small generator may be able to power the A/C but may not be strong enough to actually start it.

    Remember, a generator is an investment. Having it there when you really need it will make all of the difference. Make this decision carefully and consult professionals for the best advice.

    To calculate the generator size you need, click here.

    You can also feel free to rent any of Sidram Power's generators to test the waters. Call us for more information!

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    Portable Heaters!

    Sidram Power offers a wide variety of portable heater rentals for any application.If you need portable heating in a small office space to a 134,000 square foot tent or hanger we have a solution for you. When you arer in need of heat Sidram Power offers many Portable Air Conditioning products with built in heaters along with individual heaters for many applications.

    Our heating products include:

  • 15 KW portable heater rentals

  • Mushroom Heater (propane) rentals

  • Indirect fire portable heater rentals

  • Patio heater rentals

  • If you need to heat anything from a small office, to a 300,000 retail store Sidram Power has the heaters in rental inventory. Our staff has many years of experience installing and managing portable heating projects.

    Sidram Power has the equipment and staff to ensure your temporary heat project is a success. As with our generator rentals we are available around the clock for emergency needs. Call Sidram Power for you Temporary Heating needs.