Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crystal Control Generator: What is it and do I need it for my event?

Clients often ask whether our generators are “crystal controlled” without actually knowing what it means.  Allow us to explain.
A generator is crystal controlled (sometimes erroneously called “crystal sync”) if it contains an electronic governor.  The governor is the device which maintains the generator engine RPM very close to its specified value, usually 1800 RPM, which maintains the frequency of the AC power very close to 60 Hz (formerly known as cycles).  Some generators have mechanical governors which typically keep the power between 58 and 62 hZ.  Electronically controlled generators are far more precise and typically keep the power within ¼ Hz of 60 Hz. They also have a much faster response to load changes.
Sidram Power crystal sync generator rentals

Do you need it? Well, like a lot of things, it depends….

If you are powering a bunch of coffee makers and toasters, the answer is no.  These are simple machines which are very forgiving of power variations.  If you are powering electronic equipment, the answer is yes.  Complex electronic equipment can operate erratically or even shut down if the power strays too far from 60 Hz.
At Sidram Power, ALL of our event generators have electronic governors because we want to always provide the highest quality power for our customers.  Bring anything you want; audio, video, computers, or toasters.  Our generator rentals will provide the correct power for it.