Wednesday, August 25, 2010

isolation and step up or down transfomer rentals

One of the advantages of AC power (versus DC) is the ability to use transformers to change the voltage. Electric utilities use thousands of transformers throughout their distribution systems and many commercial and industrial facilities use transformers extensively.

Not surprisingly, the temporary power industry uses transformers too.

Portable transformers have two primary used: they can change the voltage, either step-up or step-down, and they can provide electrical isolation. For example, some events might require 480V power, 220V power, and 120V power simultaneously. Rather than using multiple generators to provide the different voltages, it is often more economical to use a single generator and one or more transformers to satisfy the requirements.

In a concert situation, producers traditionally order 2 separate generators for lighting and sound. The primary reason for separate generators is that the electronic dimmers used in lighting control have the potential, under certain circumstances, to introduce hums and buzzes into the sound, and using separate generators eliminates that possibility. Another way to isolate the audio from the lighting, usually more economically, is to use an isolation transformer and one generator. In this case, the transformer does NOT change the voltage, merely protects the audio from unwanted interference.

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