Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cable Ramps

Messy cables are quite the trouble maker! Not only do they look unprofessional, but they can be an nuisance to anyone who has to step (or trip) over them. 

The solution to the problem? Cable ramps! Sidram Power offers a wide variety of cable ramps and protectors for any occasion. These durable ramps are designed for portability and can be connected to run long distances.

Cable ramps can help to eliminate hazards and most are designed for optimum traction, so even if event-goers walk all over them, slipping is not a concern!

Not only can cable ramps protect those attending your events, they protect your cables too! Unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment is easily prevented, saving you a great deal of money!

Don't skimp on the safety of your event attendees and the life of your expensive cables. Call Sidram for your next event!

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