Friday, August 19, 2011

Festival Services

Festivals combine many different customer needs as there might be a music stage, vendors and sponsor areas that all have different needs in a wide spread area. Sidram power is no stranger to music, food and art festivals and understands your needs for an event like this.

Sidram Power offers many solutions for Festivals:

  • Event stage power rentals

  • Vendor power

  • Cable and distro rentals

  • Trailer and dressing room power

  • Area lighting

  • Cable ramp rentals

  • Portable air conditioning and heat rentals

  • Generator rentals

    When planning your festival contact Sidram Power for your event needs. We work in the festival and concert market and understand the requirements. Your event is most likely not a 9am to 5pm event and neither are we. When you need it now, we have it and understand that delivery tomorrow is not an option.

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