Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun Facts about Power and Energy

Power and energy are integral parts of our daily lives. Yet sometimes we overlook just how much energy we use each day. Here are some fun facts about power consumption in the US!

  • The amount of energy Americans use doubles about every 20 years. Electricity consumption is expected to increase 45 percent by 2030, according to the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration (EIA).
  • Temperature controlling homes (heating and cooling rooms) consumes the most energy in American homes each year. 
  • If 10,000 schools turned off their lights for one minute it could save $81,885.
  • 20% of the electricity in the USA is produced at nuclear power plants. 

Here is a chart of average consumption figures for small household appliances.

ApplianceTime in usekilowatt/hours
used per year
Aquarium24 hours/day700
Central air conditioning12 hours day,120 days/year2700-3780
Clock24 hours/day36
Clock radio24 hours/day44
Clothes washer
(does not include hot water)
2 hours/Week31
Coffee maker30 minute/day128
Computer4 hours/day520
Dehumidifier12 hours/day700
(does not include hot water)
1 hour/day432
Electric blanket8 hours/day,120 days/year175
Fan (furnace)12 hours/day,120 days/year432
Fan (whole house)4 hours/day,120 days/year270
Fan (window)4 hours/day,180 days/year144
Hair dryer15 minutes/day100
Heater (portable)3 hours/day,120 days/year540
Iron1 hour/week52
Microwave oven2 hours/week89
Radio (stereo)2 hours/day73
(frostfree 16 cubic feet)
24 hours/day642
(frostfree 18 cubic feet)
24 hours/day683
Television (color)3 hours/day264
Toaster oven1 hour/day73
Vacuum cleaner1 hour/week38
VCR4 hours/day30
Water bed (no cover)12 hours/day,180 days/year620
Water heater
(40 gallon electric)
2 hours/day2190
Water pump (deep well)2 hours/day730 

While power and energy are imperative in our daily lives, Sidram Power reminds you to use it wisely and conserve energy whenever you can!

Source: Energy Aware

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