Sunday, July 17, 2011

Light Towers and General Area Lighting

Sidram Power specializes in supplying temporary lighting solutions. Whether your needs are for a single light tower or lighting for a large outdoor event, we have the experience, personnel and inventory to meet all of your lighting needs. Sidram power also specializes in portable generators, temporary power distribution and climate control, which allows us to furnish a complete, turnkey package for your particular application. Our lighting offerings include:
  • Festival lighting
  • Lighting for broadcast events
  • Area lighting for events
  • Light towers
  • Lot lighting
  • Merchant lighting
  • Large area lighting
  • Glow bugs
  • Basic stage work light
  • Nightime construction lighting
Our experienced staff is available to help you in choosing the proper equipment for your lighting application. We can help you specify size and type of lighting and the amount of total power required for your equipment. 

In addition, we can assist you in planning a temporary power distribution system. We can supply our services locally in the South Florida area as well as throughout the rest of the United States. So call Sidram Power today to discuss all of your temporary lighting needs.


  1. Their fully fledged employees are ready to assist you in selecting the right instrumentality for your lighting application. they are able to assist you specify size and kind of lighting and therefore the quantity of total power needed for your instrumentality.

    Bruce Hammerson

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  2. I feel great wings that help people decide what type of light towers need as there are a variety of them are from 500 dollars to 30,000 dollars all depends on the use you give to such major events usually it requires more lighting power and fuel but if you're just a person who needs a light tower to turn your garage or workshop only need a light towers 500 dollars